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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Free Knitting Pattern - Friday

The last of our free pattern week patterns is what I like to call the Cali (steve remix).

I started with the basic Cali pattern.

Then I added this Fair Isle grid I designed, made a few pattern changes, and the Cali (steve remix) was born.
Here is what I did.

1. Pick 2 yarns & make a gauge swatch, in the round, in pattern. My gauge was smaller, but rather than changing needles or yarn, I changed the pattern.

2. Instead of casting on 84 sts, I did 120. This gave me a nice number for my 20 st repeat design, and got my gauge at about the right place to keep the sweater the same size. Knit the first six rounds as indicated, using just 1 color[MC].

3. On round 7 I started the Fair Isle design, doing 6 repeats to make 120 stitches. I followed the design repeating it twice, which made 40 rows in pattern. Then I knit one round in just MC. for a total of 41 rounds.

4. I followed the Front & Back sections of the pattern as is (using the MC), with 1 small change. Rather than a seed stitch for rows 61-66 I used a k2 p2 rib.

5. I added sleeves. To do this, I picked up 40 sts around each arm hole, knit 6 rounds with the MC. Then I did the next 20 rounds using 2 repeats of the same Fair Isle design. Then I knit 1 round with MC only & followed the seed stitch pattern for rows 1-6 for the rest of the sleeve.

Finishing, same as pattern.

There you go, a pattern remix in 5 easy steps. Feel free to use my design, or make your own remix. Send us pics & steps used if you do.

A couple more hints:

The flared sleeves and bottom just come natural to me, because I knit Fair Isle much tighter than normal. Use a smaller needle when knitting in 1 color if you knit like me, but don't want this look.

I switched the hands I was holding the yarns in when knitting the sleeves. It might be hard to tell here, but this gave the sleeves a slightly lighter look since the lighter colored yarn was moved to the front.

For longer sleeves or sweater, simply add more rounds either in pattern, using the MC, or use the other color and add a stripe.

To make it bigger around, just add more sts to the cast on. This pattern is the perfect pattern to experiment with & learn to make patterns your own.

Don't be intimidated by Fair Isle. This was only my 3rd FI project. If you don't know how, try Kiki's Kate pattern. That's how I learned to knit Fair Isle, Illanna too. Now my right hand feels naked if I don't have that second color wrapped around my finger.

I hope you enjoyed the Free Pattern Week. Sorry for the short pause in the middle. Don't forget to check out the others. They all will make great holiday gifts.

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Happy Knitting!



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